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Compo Builders Inc was Honored to Build Handicapped-Accessible Home for Local Veteran and His Family

David and Christopher Compo, owners of Compo Builders Inc of Novi, Michigan spearheaded a project to build a new home in Redford for Leonard Addison and his family. Mr. Addison is a military veteran who was severely injured in 2000 after falling from a Black Hawk helicopter.

As an industry peer, Compo Builders Inc created this barrier-free home. From time and services to building materials and appliances, electrical work to cabinetry, landscaping and more, we gave the Addisons a place they can finally call home.

During an assault training mission in 2000, Leonard Addison was thrown from a helicopter, suffering debilitating injuries including inflammation of the sciatic nerve, reconstructive knee surgery, a hypertensive vascular condition, degenerative arthritis of the spine resulting in severe mobility issues. He now suffers from a major depressive disorder as well, but has earned a Bachelors degree in criminal justice (2009) to aid in supporting his family. Leonard and his wife Nicole have three children, sons Nicholas (9) and Lathan (8) and daughter Lola (2). Lola suffers from cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia, requiring a wheelchair to move around. Son Lathan also has asthma. Together, with generous suppliers & subcontractors, we are helping this family to thrive and prosper as they are truly deserving of our help.

The home, besides being barrier-free, also needed hardwood floors for Lola to crawl as well as use her wheelchair on. Wide doorways were necessary, as well as main floor bedrooms and bathrooms with barrier-free showers, and a first floor laundry room. Special railings, ramps and a stair lift was necessary throughout the home as well as many other ADA compliant facilities.

Although this was a vast undertaking, we were able to turn the home over to the Addison family in March 2017.

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