Why Green Oak Township Should Be Your Next Choice For New Construction

Why Green Oak Township Should Be Your Next Choice For New Construction

About the city of Green Oak, Michigan

Green Oak is a city found in Livingston County, Michigan. It has a population of 17,476 people as per the 2010 census. In September 2015, a board that helps in forming cities voted to incorporate Green Oak city, making it become the second township in the county of Livingston. Within its borders, the city has several communities that are unincorporated. Green Oak is found on the eastern side of Silver Lake Road offering more room for its growth. 

Kohi and Costco have built stores off Lee Road on the exit of the U.S Highway. In 2006, new shopping malls like Green Oak Village Place were opened in the U.S. Also, three roundabouts were added to maintain low traffic, creating a hybrid city. All these features make the city an attraction to those finding new homes to settle. Due to its large population, the security of this town is guaranteed to the residents. CCTV cameras are installed in almost every corner to reduce the number of crimes happening in the city. The city is guided by the mission to enhance the quality of life where it promotes for a welcoming, secure and diverse society that is both respectful and honest, creating an enduring sense of community. 

The city also ensures quality education to its residents. The school districts of Whitmore, Brighton, as well as South Lyon, are committed to serving residents of the city of Green Oak, MI. Compared to other cities like Ann Arbor, Green Oak city has the highest number of graduates. It also spends more per student than any other town in the U.S. Student teacher ratio is kept at minimal to ensure your child gets the best quality of knowledge from the city.


When it comes to entertainment, Green Oak City provides you with the best fun not found in most cities. Popular nightlife like Main Street Club, Boys and Girls Club of Polk County as well as Diamond Sports Bar and Grill will provide you with a place to groove the night away outside the city. If you find yourself not in a position to choose the fun to enjoy, you can take a gander at the city’s index of amusement arcades and park, whack those moles, ride roller coasters, as well as eat some cotton candy. Rolling hills, woodlands, streams, and lakes are some of the plentiful places to enjoy your fun. You will be surprised to realize that public parklands cover about twenty percent of this city. You will also find Island Lake State and Huron Meadows Metropark recreation areas along the Huron River that provides fun to the society as a whole.


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