The Awesome City of Highland, MI

The Awesome City of Highland, MI


Highland is a city found in the west county of Oakland County, Michigan. The city has a population of 19,202 people as per the 2010 census. It is a suburb of Detroit. This city was founded in 1835 by pioneer families. The major factor that has contributed to the fast growth and development of this city is the railroad that allows cheap transportation of lumber as well as easy exportation of pickles. In the year 2003, in an attempt to retain its rural feature and preserve its equestrian heritage, the city declared itself as an equestrian community. This made the state government to recognize it as the first Michigan designated equestrian community. The city is a mixture of suburban, rural as well as lake living people, with state-provided recreation lands and about twenty-five lakes.


In the Highland City, effective schools that identify core beliefs and values about learning are common. These will provide an explicit foundation to the students and the society at large. Every component found in these schools is driven by students’ ability to achieve the best. Huron Valley Schools serve the communities of Highland, Commerce Township and Midland, MI. This school is known for being ranked the highest in the U.S for its academic excellence. Also, Milford high school, which is a grade nine-twelve high school, is located in this Highland city. The school, founded in 1861, provides your children with the required skills to cope in the competitive world. This school is known for its excellence in sports. The city has fifteen schools, including nine elementary schools, three middle schools and three high schools. 


For your entertainment needs, Highland has made sure that you will be provided with the latest fun. Beli Entertainment is one of the known companies that offer great fun to the people of this city. It operates on a wide range of recreation since it considers all different needs of various people. Also, this is the state you will find The Friends of Highland Recreation Area. They offer an amazing event known as the snow snakes. This annual event occurs on a Sunday at the Edsel Ford Barn. Bar and Grill equipped with pool tables, big screens with sports and video games are some of the fun that will meet you when you decide to live in this city. Nice menu with sandwiches, pizzas and salads will make your family appreciate living in the Highland City. 


In the city, you will find Woodland Ridge that consists of fifty single-family building sites, which have several site condominium ownership and walk-outs. It has gentle rolling terrain that is surrounding by dense forest areas. Every home site backs to a common area. Compo Builders will make your home dream come true in this Woodland Ridge as it will walk you through all constructions project you may have. Due to its vast experience in the building industry, the company will give you the best construction services. Click here to view more information on Woodland Ridge.